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Nephthys Foster


“My work is a celebration of life's little joys—the tiny, everyday moments that often go unnoticed but hold great significance for my happiness. Through my art, I remind myself not to take life too seriously; instead, I cherish its simplicity and find joy in the laughter of those tiny moments. I hope that when you experience my art, you can also connect with these sentiments and discover the same delight in life's simple pleasures." 

Nephthys Foster prints

Experience the world of Nephthys Foster's colourful prints. Nephthys Foster's art is a profound celebration of life—the little joys that hold immense meaning in our daily lives.



Nephthys Foster's unique artistic vision reminds us not to take life too seriously. In her enchanting creations, she captures the essence of those tiny, everyday moments that bring happiness and laughter.



When you bring Nephthys Foster's art into your space, you're inviting a burst of positivity and a reminder to savour the little moments that make life extraordinary. Let her prints infuse your home with energy, colour, and a sense of wonder, helping you discover the same delight in life's everyday marvels.