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Prints 100x150 cm | 39 ½ x 59'


Here we have gathered our 100x150 posters. Prints and posters in large sizes will add a wow-factor to your home! Amongst our 100x150 posters you will find some of our best-selling and favourite designs in different styles, featuring both photographs and art prints. Prints in large sizes is a trend we know is here to last!

Posters and prints size 100x150 cm

Our 100x150 posters are our largest posters, and they fit homes that need a statement art piece. We aspire to offer prints in various sizes, and with our 100x150 posters you will never need to worry about your home lacking style.

The posters in 100x150 we offer are a mix of designs of various sorts, all with a common goal - to make your walls look their best. With a large poster in 100x150 cm you can either choose just one design to have as a centerpiece on your wall, or why not create a beautiful pair? Our 100x150 posters go well with each other, and the only limit is the one set by you. Choose a print that can flirt with the interior in your home, or go wild and pick a design that stands out.

Explore our collection of 100x150 posters exclusively at Desenio, where we keep track of the latest interior trends. Find large posters in 100x150 cm that suits your home and your personal style!