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About our products

We hold ourselves to high standards when producing our art prints. We value the craftsmanship behind our products and, together with our suppliers, continuously strive to improve their quality and lifetime. We are also proud to be an FSC® certified company, meaning that the trees used in the production of both our prints and our frames were harvested in a responsible and sustainable way.


Our paper

All of our posters are printed on 200g/m2 uncoated premium paper. It has a matte surface with no glare, giving it a premium feel. Our paper is also age resistant.The paper is produced in Sweden, and the paper mill, the pulp used to make the paper, and the paper itself are all certified by Forest Stewardship Council®. This guarantees that the trees used were harvested in compliance with all laws and regulations as well as the FSC Organisation’s strict criteria on social and environmental sustainability. You will see that all our posters are labelled with the FSC Mix symbol on our site, guaranteeing that at least 70% of the wood used in their production is from FSC certified forests.


All of our posters are printed in Sweden, with the exception of a few Handpicked designs. We use different print houses in order to achieve the best quality for each design, depending on whether it is a photo, graphic or foil print. Our print houses use different types of ink according to the printing technique required, but it is always chosen in compliance with all relevant EU regulations (including but not limited to REACH). The ink is also 100% vegan.


There is very little waste in our poster production, with excess paper recycled into newspapers by our print houses and paper mill. We highly encourage our customers to reuse our posters, and otherwise to recycle them. Our paper can be recycled into new paper mass up to seven times.


Our canvas prints are made to order in Europe and are available in a variety of sizes, including 30x40, 50x70, 70x100, and 100x140 cm. The canvas itself is made from premium matte canvas fabric, consisting of 35% cotton and 65% polyester in a 2x1 weave. Setting itself apart from generic canvases, this material ensures a high-quality base for our giclée print method.

With a premium depth of 3.2 cm as opposed to the standard 1.9 cm, our canvases offer additional sturdiness and durability. The unframed option features a stretched canvas on pine wood stretcher bars, made from 100% recyclable solid wood, ensuring unmatched durability. If you prefer a framed canvas, you can choose either an oak frame, where the base is made of obeche wood with real oak veneer, or a black frame made of painted pine wood. Rest assured, your canvas arrives fully assembled and ready to hang.


We offer elegant wood and metal frames to suit all interior decor styles and have everything from smaller frames that are perfect for photos, to large frames that will take centre stage on your walls.

Our frames are handcrafted by skillful craftsmen with long experience in frame production based in Europe and Asia. Our frame suppliers have been carefully selected in respect of our Code of Conduct’s requirements on social and environmental responsibility.

All our wood and metal frames are FSC® certified and labelled with the FSC Mix symbol on our site, guaranteeing that at least 70% of the wood used in their production is from FSC certified forests.

Our frames come in eight different sizes: 13x18 cm, 21x30 cm, 30x40 cm, 40x50 cm, 50x50 cm, 50x70 cm, 70x100 and 100x150 cm. All come with transparent acrylic plexiglass, which is lightweight and shatterproof. They all open at the back for easy insertion using turning clips, without the need for sharp metal pins. Smaller metal frames up to 30x40 use small metal pins.

Wood Frames

Our wood frames are made from solid wood and come in black, white, oak, dark wood, and light wood. Our oak frames are made of untreated oak, while our dark wood and black and white wood frames are from solid yellow poplar wood which is then painted. Our light wood frames are made from hard maple which is treated with a transparent coating for a natural finish. Our larger wood frames in sizes 50x70, 70x100 and 100x150 cm come equipped with pre-drilled holes in the back of the frame, which secure the turning clips when lifting it.

Metal Frames

Our metal frames come in the colours black, gold, silver and copper. They are made from aluminium and have a thin profile for an elegant look. The gold, silver, and copper coloured frames have a high-gloss finish, while the black metal has a matte finish.


We highly encourage our customers to reuse our frames or to recycle any that cannot be reused. Our wooden frames - including the MDF backboard - can be recycled into wood chips, which can then be used to create biofuel, an alternative to fossil-based fuel. Our metal frames can be recycled into new aluminium products using 95% less energy than virgin aluminium. The plexiglass is sorted as combustible waste to be reused as energy.


Our cushions are perfect for when you want to create a soft and inviting feeling. Available in sizes 40x40, 50x50 and 60x60 cm, these cushion covers can be purchased with or without a filling. Made from faux linen which is a polyester material with a linen-like texture, these covers ensure durability and comfort. The practical zipper at the bottom allows you to easily switch out the covers whenever you need a fresh look. To care for your cushion covers the best you can, simply wipe away small stains with a wet cloth. For a deeper cleanse, wash the covers with cold water in the washing machine or by hand.


Crafted from birch veneer, these trays are the perfect blend of functionality and stylish Scandinavian design. Care for your trays by either handwashing or using a gentle machine-wash program. It is important to note that frequent washing with machine dish soap may cause visible wear on the surface. Our trays are FSC®-certified and proudly produced in Nybro in the southeast of Sweden, using materials sourced within Europe.


We offer a range of accessories to add the finishing touches to your prints - from passepartouts, to hanging options such as clips, poster hangers, and washi tape, to ledges for display purposes. All of our passepartouts, poster hangers and picture ledges are FSC® Certified and labelled with the FSC Mix symbol on our site, guaranteeing that at least 70% of the wood used in their production is from FSC certified forests.


Our high quality passepartouts, also known as picture mounts, enable you to frame and accentuate a poster’s design and add an exclusive touch. Produced in Sweden, our passepartouts fit frames sized 21x30 cm, 30x40 cm, 50x70 cm and 70x100 cm. They come in both black and white and are true to colour throughout, with the black having a black core and the white a white core. The white passepartout comes in the exact same shade as our poster paper. Our passepartouts are acid-free.

Poster hangers

Our poster hangers are a stylish way to display art and make a great addition to a gallery wall. They are available in different lengths to fit our entire range of poster sizes, and come in three colours: one made from untreated solid oak, and two made from pine wood, painted in either black or white. They come with brass screw hangers and faux leather bands for hanging in matching oak, white, or black. Magnets on either side hold the poster in place without damaging it.

Picture ledges

Our picture ledges offer a simple and stylish shelf to display your posters on. They are a great option if you like to switch up your selection of posters regularly! They come in black, white, and solid oak, and measure 70 cm wide and 9.5 cm deep. They come with screws to attach to the wall. Place them side by side to create a longer ledge.