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Jaron Su


Born and raised in Taiwan, artist Jaron Su describes his art as playful and full of detail. He creates his art with acrylic gouache on paper, painted by hand.

”All of my paintings tell a story, and they all have a little twist. Details matter to me, so you have to look closely,” he says.

Inspired by his own life and surroundings, he tells us that the art represents a slice of his life. It could be a flower he spotted on his morning run, a place he visited on holiday or a story a friend told him. Any daily encounter could spark a new idea.

”I feel things very strongly, and art is my way to let out the feeling. I want to bring people joy, but joy is never pure. There is always a little bit of sourness in it. I believe that you have to accept the sourness to be able to feel the joy.”

Jaron Su prints and paintings

Jaron Su is an artist born and raised in Taiwan and is now based in the Netherlands living with his husband and cat. He is an artist who creates beautiful art with a lot of colours. Calm and relaxing posters with a freeing feeling, but do not forget to look for the details so you do not miss the important parts.

In this category, you will find posters and prints of for example a pink open landscape, a green garden with a big house, tropical atmospheres and plants and flowers in multiple colours. Each of his prints are telling a story of something he has seen or felt, all with a little twist. If you look closely at the art you will see that the details are very important. Something you think is a fruit on a plant, is actually a spaceship in a galaxy far, far away. Get inspired and explore his art here at Desenio and hopefully, it will put a smile on your face.